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Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

New York City

Under 18 NYC Show

April 28, 2024

Little EGG Gallery is going international.

This year our Under 18 Spring Show will be held in Brooklyn, NY. 

With 40 artists from around the world, in show programing and awards for best in show artwork, we are super excited to present  the next generation of contemporary art. 

Call for Artists Open 

Early Bird Deadline - March 31

June 20 - July 11 2024

Opening Reception, June 22, 7 pm


Previous Exhibitions

Little EGG WinterShowPoster.jpg

Feb 8 - March 7, 2024

Opening Reception Feb 10

The Under 18 Winter Show presents 30+ artists from Canada and around the world. This show is a showcase and celebration of the next generation of contemporary art. With artists as young as 5, all the way to 17, the show features a diverse range of artwork and styles.

November 16 - 30, 2023

Opening Reception Nov 18, 7 pm

Fall Foliage

June 15 - July 13

Opening Reception - June 17

Under 18 Spring Show1

April  20 - May 11,

Opening Reception - April 22, 7 pm 

3500 poster 2023.jpg

February  17 - March 10,

Opening Reception - February 25, 7 pm 

3,500 Days… delves into the process of artistic birth and realization. Presented as a “scientific” exploration, the exhibit is unique in that it showcases the personal art journeys of two teenagers, side by side.

Dispositions: Unrestrained 

January 16 - February 16,

Opening Reception - January 21, 7 pm 

Award winning 14 year old artist’s  solo exhibition.

 Nalin Kamat's work is titled “Disposition” – reflecting inherent qualities of mind and character.  

Find out more about special events held by the artist.

Dispositions Unrestrained 2023.jpg
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