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 Rental information 

Perfect for a solo show or a group show with a friend.

We offer complementary assistance for artists exhibiting their artwork for the first time. 


50 artwork at $15 per piece


  1. "How to sell your artwork" zoom workshop

  2. Free curation of the show

  3. Complementary poster design 

  4. Ability for artists to sell print on demand merchandise 

  5. We print a commemorative book for every show. This is a bestselling item. 

  6. Pricing assistance provided at discounted rate. 

  7. Discount on Little EGG Gallery merchandise 

Price List


If you would like a different part, section of the space or a different time duration, please email us for more information.  

Exhibitions by art schools are prioritized.


Pricing and framing assistance available at additional cost. All artwork will be installed an taken down by the gallery.

CAD $750

Entire Gallery

75 ft wall space

Approx 50 artwork

at $15 each 


$750 - 7 Days

CAD $525

Colonnade Gallery

32 ft wall space

Approx 25 artwork

at $20 each 


$525 - 7 Days

CAD $100

Juliette Gallery

20 ft wall space


ADD to Colonnade Gallery for $100

CAD $150

Portal Gallery 

24 ft wall space

ADD to Colonnade Gallery for $100 

Join the Little EGG Club!

Guaranteed participation in 2 juried shows annually.

Profile page on Little EGG website & Membership Card 

Priority for solo shows.

$25 discount on space rental fees.

Membership $50 annual plus 15% commission on sales.


 Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you for additional details.

Age Group

Thanks for submitting!

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